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Who We Are?

The company's predecessor is "Hebei Provincial Supply and Marketing Machinery Factory", built in the 1970s. The company has 150 employees, 8 middle and senior engineers, more than 20 middle and senior technicians, with self-built installation team. Over the years, through scientific, rigorous and professional standardization management, we have created a professional team with rich experience, skilled technology and high quality service, and successfully completed the installation, commissioning and training tasks of various production lines undertaken by the company. The company upholds the strong technical and scientific research strength of the original state-owned enterprises, and rigorous work style, combined with 


advanced production technology, excellent equipment and intimate service concept, in recent years, it has undertaken more than 30 production lines of various gypsum boards, gypsum powder and calcium silicate boards. Its products are well sold at home and abroad, and have been exported to the Middle East, West Asia, Africa and parts of the Americas.  It has spread over more than 20 provinces, cities and regions, and is well recognized and approved by the vast number of users. In view of different raw materials and product requirements around the world, we will, as always, take energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency as our responsibility, optimize design to provide customized services for customers.

The company believes in: customer first, quality-oriented purpose, quality wins, excellence as the quality policy, high quality and thoughtful service to return customers and society.

Technical Services


Our company has three self-built installation teams with the responsibility system of project manager. With many years of installation experience, we have formed a professional, standardized and systematic installation system. Each construction site is equipped with assembly kit. The inspection of the installation process shall be carried out according to the threelevel inspection system.Since its establishment, the company has installed dozens of production lines at home and abroad,and each production line can reach or exceed the required output, and the equipment runs normally.


Equipped with professional installation engineers, process engineers and other technical personnel joint debugging, each production line to develop a debugging plan, from the single machine empty operation, system empty operation to the system with the material operation, the whole production line with the material operation ,every link according to the standard to test.


The method of combining theory with practice is adopted for the training. The installation engineer shall train the maintenance backbone personnel of the buyer, and the process engineer, equipment and operation engineer shall train the on-site front-line operators, so as to achieve the purpose of knowing the process, operation, equipment and maintenance.

User Service

Pre-sales service:

①accept the consultations of the clients;

②provide market investigation,and project demon-stration;

③confirm the scale of operation;

④design factory construction drawing;

⑤provide factory construction drawing;

⑥participate in the factory construction drawings;

⑦participate in the factory construction process guidance.

After-sales service:

①establish user archives;

②accept 24 hours of technical consultation;

③the fixed time return visit of engineering technical personnel;

In-sales service:

①supervise the construction of in-frastructures,water,electricity and other flows;

②erect management framework for the users,train the personnel of

production management,equipment maintenance,quality control,

purchasing,and marketing,etc;

③teach the material matching for mula;

Extended service:

①the equipment system upgrading,the mold upgrading of equipment;

②the newest industrial information;

③the fapplication of new technology and new process;

Why Choose Us?
Our team of experts helps you maximize the quality and delivery requirements of engineering methods ,  product performance ,
and even the most complex applications.

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