Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment
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Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

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We supply long time technical service ,good quality equipment and  competiitve price.

a)For paper system introduction

It has the advanced way of splicing and high density correction institution.The nick plays a very important role for the later plastic and trimming.Quality of the product improves,reducing costs.

b)Power system

It use the unique quantitative feeder.It's easy and pricise to supply gypsum podwer.It lays a good foundation for the mixing.

c)Water supply system

This system uses hot water switch and professional pump.It not only makes the operation easy but aslo saves the energy.

d)Foam system

This system adopts the barostat and dedicated pump.This makes the operation easier.

e)Forming system

The introduction of foreign thchnology,use of stainless steel strong edge pneumatic vertical mixer with special stainless steel plate forming machine,so that the system greatly enhanced wear resistance,longer service life.Replaced by the original plate forming machine roll lamination,improved the smoothness of board.

f)This system not only uses the traditional conveyor system but aslo adopts the waste plate cleaning machine,thus reduce the labour and make the environment clean.

g)Drying system

It adopts the unique radiator structure and air system.This makes the temperature and the humidity easier to adjust.

h)Heating system

This system uses the Hot oil heater and flue gas heat exchanger.This reduces the consumption

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