Gypsum Powder Making Machine for Sale
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Gypsum Powder Making Machine for Sale

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Gypsum Powder Making Machine is also called Gypsum Powder Production Line Equipment ,Natural gypsum powder is dihydrate gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O) after crushing, grinding, calcination, cooling homogenization, aging, packaging and made; gypsum powder production is the core technology of calcination (dehydration) system, the two gypsum crystal Structure, various components and the diversity of reaction performance, resulting in hydration products and hardening diversity. Based on more than ten years of R & D and production practice experience, we aim at new technologies, new materials and new products at home and abroad. We have successfully developed a series of natural stone powder production lines that are energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency.

design for the entire production line and auxiliary equipment election are provided, and technical engineers would be sent to the customer’s site for installation and debugging machine to guarantee qualified product.

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