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Gypsum Powder Production Line Suppliers

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The working process includes crushing,Calcining,Buffering silo, Grinding and storage, dust collector,heating resource, Plaster powder preparation,packing,production control and lab etc.9system.

Fiber Cement Board/ Calcium Silicate board(pressure board) is a new construction material which has been pulping, molding, compression, maintenance and so on. It is based on cement and assist with proper fiber reinforced material. The products are widely used in variety kinds of industrial and domestic construction fields such as external, internal walls, ceilings, sound insulation, and waterproof board for special facility. Combined with keel and filler, it also can used for some framework light board system construction, high-rise building, old building renew, light type work shop, control room and laboratory. Because of its good features like less building cycle, less energy, notable economic benefit, fiber reinforced cement board are favorable all over the world.

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