Gypsum Board Making Machine Cheap
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Gypsum Board Making Machine Cheap

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Advantage of Gypsum Board Making Machine:

1 Saving energy and reducing consumption.

2. Simple and practical

3. The layout is reasonable

Our goal is to enable customers to get more profits.

Gypsum board production line 

a) It is Newly green decoration material, little investment, high reward, suitable for small and medium-sized company. 

b) The gypsum board has a potential market; it is the necessary internal decoration material. It will develop very quickly in the near future. 

c) Little investment, high reward and little period. The gypsum board process is as following: Preparation: Modified starch, retarder and water are mixed in a certain proportion; foaming agent and water are calculated. Gypsum powder is transported to the hopper. All the raw materials are calculated to send to the mixer and make them suitable for use. Belt conveyor: the upper-paper and lower paper will enter into the shaping machine, then the slurry in the mixer will fall on the lower paper of the platform. The required gypsum boards are formed through the shaping machine and then finish the solidification on the freezing belt. After the sized-cutter, it cuts to the needed length, then enter the drying kiln through distributor.  Board-exit: After drying, the gypsum board is cut to sized-length.  After packing, sealing and stacking, use the forklift to transport it to the warehouse. All the processes are finished.

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