Introduction calcium silicate board
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Introduction calcium silicate board

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Calcium silicate board is a new type of building material with stable performance invented by OCDG. It was promoted and developed in developed countries in the 1970s. Japan and the United States are the most common countries using this material. After more than 30 years of application, it has proven to be a durable and reliable building material.

The raw materials of calcium silicate board are made of silicon material (quartz powder, diatomaceous earth, etc.), calcium material (cement, lime, etc.), reinforcing fiber (pulp fiber, glass fiber, asbestos, etc.): pulping → blanking → Lightweight sheet made by steaming, surface sanding, etc.

Due to the high temperature and high pressure of siliceous and calcareous materials, the reaction produces tobe-morite crystals (TOBER-MORITE), and its performance is extremely stable. The calcium silicate board with this crystal as the main component is waterproof and moisture-proof. Durable, low deformation rate, heat insulation, etc., it is especially suitable for wall panels and ceiling panels inside buildings, and has various other uses.

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