gypsum powder production line
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gypsum powder production line

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The gypsum powder production line of which the material is natural gypsum, are equipped with many advanced technological equipment in domestic and foreign such as material averaging device, double-grade crushing system, plate type conveyor, vertical mill, Ramon mill, gypsum boiling kiln, cooling machine and waste heat recycling system, ect. The boiling kiln is widely used in our nation with the advantages of small, simple, great output, small occupied area, easy control, perfect gypsum microstructure, stable physical properties and low running cost. 

Gypsum powder production line is the natural dihydrate gypsum after a certain temperature to be calcined, so that the dehydration of gypsum dihydrate, to get a half water gypsum as the main component of the product, that is, building gypsum (Qualcomm plaster). According to the temperature and pressure of dehydration decomposition, the products can be divided into β-type building gypsum. The basic process of mechanized production of building gypsum: Milling system, automatic metering system, calcination system, heating system and aging packaging system

This type Gypsum powder production line is mainly used for grinding the material with middle and low hardness, below 6% moisture, and the material should be non-explosion and non-flammability, such as: calcite, chalk,limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, steatite, mica, magnetite,iolite, pyrophillite, vermiculite, meerschaum, attapulgite, diatomite,barite, gypsum, alunite, graphite, fluorite, phosphate ore, potassiumore pumice, etc 

gypsum powder production line

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