Gypsum Powder Making Machine Price
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Gypsum Powder Making Machine Price

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1) Gypsum Powder Making Machine Price Principle of work

 The main part of boiling furnace is composed of thin and dense radiator pipes, which is filled with conduction oil to release the heat to the inside of the furnace. Equipped at the bottom of the furnace, the Roots blower makes the powder inside the furnace into the boiled state. The powder material, baked and dehydrated with crystallization water at certain temperature, flows out through the outlet automatically. The gypsum powder produced by this procedure has stable quality and well controlled crystallization water rate, initial and final set time. Further more, by using dry electrostatic cleaner, the equipment has over 95% dust collection efficiency and eliminate the dust pollution.

2)Simple and sustainable structure

 Owing to the fluidization of material, furnace doesn’t have rotatable component so that it‘s easy to be built and almost free of maintenance. Thanks to the low temperature heat source, the furnace won’t be damaged by over heating and has longer operating life.

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