Gypsum Powder Production Process
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Gypsum Powder Production Process

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The crusher breaks the large-size gypsum ore into small particles less than 30mm and sends them to the mill for grindng. After grinding, the gypsum powder that reaches the required fineness of the product is sent to the boiling furnace for calcination by the separator, and the rest is returned to the mill for further grinding until qualified. Calcined qualified gypsum powder into the silo storage or into the products workshop for use.

Building gypsum powder production line is usually divided into five parts according to technological requirements, including crushing system, grinding system, calcining system, storage and conveying system and electronic control system.

    Technological process of gypsum powder production line

    1. Crushing system

    Gypsum raw material enters the crusher through the feeder, and the crusher breaks the large-size gypsum ore into small particles less than 30mm for standby. According to the size of gypsum raw materials and different production needs, you can choose the crusher of the corresponding specifications, usually choose PE jaw crusher, PC hammer crusher or PF impact crusher. In order to protect the environment clean, can be equipped with dust removal equipment, to meet the environmental requirements.

    2. Raw material transportation

    The broken gypsum raw material is transported to the storage bin by the elevator for backup. The storage bin is designed according to the requirements of material storage time to ensure the stable supply of materials.

    3. Grinding system

    The material is fed into the mill by electromagnetic vibration feeder continuously and evenly for grinding. After grinding gypsum powder by the wind blowing out of the mill blower, through the analyzer above the main engine for classification. The powder whose fineness conforms to the specification enters into the cyclone collector with the wind current and is discharged through the powder tube after collection. The finished product falls into the screw conveyor and is transported to the next system for calcination. The whole air system is closed circulation, from the large cyclone collector and blower between the pipeline into the bag filter, remove the dust in the air, and then discharged into the environment, to ensure the environment clean. The particle size of the materials through the grinding system changed from 0 ~ 30mm to 80 ~ 120 mesh, meeting the requirements for the fineness of gypsum powder.

    The main equipment of the grinding system is elevator, storage silo, vibrating feeder, grinding machine, screw conveyor, bag filter, etc.

    4. Calcining system

    Paper gypsum board is made of gypsum (natural gypsum, desulfurization gypsum, phosphogypsum) as the main raw material, with appropriate additives and fibers as the core, and special board paper as the cover. Because the gypsum board has the advantages of light weight, fire prevention, sound insulation, heat preservation, heat insulation and good processability (planing, nailing and sawing), convenient construction, good disassembly performance and increased use area, etc. Widely used in various industrial buildings, civil buildings, especially in high-rise buildings can be used as interior wall materials and decoration materials. Such as: for cabinet structure in the non-load-bearing walls, interior Tiemian Ban, such as ceiling.

    5. Electrical control system

    The electrical control system adopts the current advanced centralized control, DCS control or PLC control, each control element selects the international famous brand product.

    Technical indicators of gypsum powder

    (1) Product quality: meet or exceed the requirements of the national standard of gypsum for construction (gb9776-2008).

    (2) Fineness: 80-200 mesh, residue on sieve≤10%

    (3) Flexural strength (directly related to raw materials) : ≥ 1.6mpa; Compressive strength: ≥ 3.0mpa.

    (4) Main phase composition: hemihydrate gypsum content: ≥60% adjustable.

    Use of gypsum powder

    Different types of gypsum are used in various industries.

    Construction gypsum: mainly used for building mold ash, painting, masonry mortar and various gypsum products.

    Model gypsum: less impurities, white color, mainly used for ceramic production process, a small amount for decorative relief.

    Stucco gypsum: with the right amount of retarder, water retention agent and other chemical admixtures made of cement materials.

    High strength gypsum: mainly used for higher requirements of mold ash engineering, decorative products and gypsum board. In addition to water repellent can also be made into high strength waterproof gypsum; Adding organic materials such as polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution, polyvinyl acetate emulsion, can also be made into non-shrinkage binder.




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