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Light Mineral And Cotton Board Production Line

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Mineral wool sound-absorbing board is based on mineral wool as raw material, adding the right amount of binder, to molding, drying, cutting, rolling embossing, facing and other processes. It has good sound-absorbing effect, non-combustible, non-deformation, small water absorption, low thermal conductivity, lightweight, beautiful and other advantages, widely used in the auditorium, cinema, subway, tunnel, shopping malls, stations, airports, hotels and senior residential. It is not only an ideal decoration sound-absorbing material, but also an efficient energy-saving material.

    Wet-process long net extraction molding process is the main production method for large-scale production of mineral wool sound-absorbing board. It has the characteristics of large amount of extraction, good continuity, low energy consumption, low cost, high degree of automation, stable product quality, and various product designs. The process of this production line adopts wet method, long net taking and forming, multi-layer roller way continuous drying, finishing equipment, equipped with automatic control.

    Production Technology Of Mineral Wool Sound-Absorbing Board:

    This process is wet long net extraction molding and hot air radiation drying roller continuous drying process, that is, staple fiber, binder, waste pulp, water and various additives are mixed and prepared in a certain proportion. Made of uniform slurry, wet method by long net to form a certain width, length of the water - bearing board. Qualified water - bearing board is sent to the dryer in a certain order for drying. Wet board in the heat conduction oil radiation and the circulation of hot air under the action, the binder in the board solidification, forming a certain strength, dry heat source from the hot blast furnace. After drying, the original board after drying is processed on the surface, and the surface is smooth and smooth after cutting. After one spraying surface treatment and drying, 606×1240mm plain slab is made.

    Production Technology Of Mineral Wool Sound-Absorbing Board:

    The main raw materials of the production line are staple fiber, starch binder, and other additives, such as: moistureproof agent, flocculant, dispersant and so on.

    Staple fiber enters the mixing tank quantitatively, starch and other additives are prepared according to the requirements, respectively, and enter the mixing tank in a certain order. At the same time, a certain amount of waste recovery slurry and circulating water are added. After stirring for a certain time, it is transported to the slurry storage tank for use.

    Production Technology Of Mineral Wool Sound-Absorbing Board:

    To the high tank conveying mixed slurry, the use of the high tank of the high pressure difference slurry automatically into the machine before the screen box (or head box), the screen box to ensure that the slurry in the molding width range of uniform cloth pulp net. The slurry partially dehydrates during natural dehydration part.Pressure radical is composed of three sets of preloading roller and two sets of vacuum press roller, roller pressure on the part of the water to wet board, and make the slab reaches a certain thickness, then through vacuum pressure roller press, further out the moisture of wet plate, and the vacuum press roller in the negative pressure sucking water, wet plate moisture content meet the process requirements, at the same time the vacuum press roll gap considering wet plate under the premise of the springback amount to a certain extent, maintain the stability of plate thickness and conform to the requirements of the process. The pressed wet plate is cut off with a high-pressure water gun to form a continuous wet felt of a certain width. The cut wet edge is put into the slurry mixing tank and made into slurry for recycling. According to the requirements of continuous multilayer drying process and product specifications. Continuous wet felt is then cut into a certain length of wet slab by horizontal hydraulic cutting. These wet slabs are checked by gamma-ray thickness detectors and by manual moisture collection (periodically and intermittently). In line with the requirements of the process, through the acceleration conveyor to speed up, open plate spacing, sent to the bridge distribution machine, in a certain order into the dryer before the plate device (that is, pick up the machine), by pick up the machine layer by layer into a low speed (the same speed as the dryer), into the dryer for drying. After the test, the wet slab with uneven thickness or unqualified moisture content in the vertical and horizontal direction shall be put into the pulping mixing tank, re-pulping and recycling.


    Mineral Wool Sound-Absorbing Board Drying:

    The drying system is composed of distributor, transfer machine, dryer, hot air circulation system, board distributor and board extractor. The wet board first enters the high temperature and high humidity zone in the dryer, the wet board is heated at a higher temperature, the temperature inside the board body rises sharply, water vapor is generated from the board, and begins to diffuse, the starch in the board gradually gelatinizes, the binding effect begins to occur, and the gelatinization process is gradually completed. In this process, due to a large amount of evaporation of water in the board, the surface of the board will not produce crust phenomenon, which provides a good premise for the drying function of the area behind the dryer. When the slab enters the back area of the dryer, the water in the slab will further evaporate and the starch will gradually solidify under the circulation action of the heat source. The water vapor produced is carried away by a large amount of circulating wind and partially discharged from the dryer. The drying process is completed. The dryer of this system consists of several layers of roller conveyors. The control of the final moisture content of the slab is realized by matching the drying temperature, heat and the speed of the slab. The dried original board is transported to the subsequent processing section by the plate conveyor.

    Mineral Wool Sound Absorption Board Processing:

    (A) Longitudinal and horizontal cutting

    The original board (large size board) from the dryer is cut to the specified size by the longitudinal and transverse cutting units (original board saws). After the scrap material is collected manually, it is transported to the scrap tank, soaked, beaten and reused.

    (B) Polish surface

    The board cut by the original board saw is planed on the sanding machine. The sanding machine is equipped with dust removal device and negative pressure suction device. The shaving collects through the dust collector, and sends the waste dust to the waste tank for repeated use.

    (C) Surface spraying (prime coat)

    From the sanding machine out of the board, into the surface spraying machine (prime coating), prepared paint from the coating tank by the pump ration supply, spray nozzle spray, excess paint, recycling use.

    (D) Surface drying

    The board sprayed with paint is directly fed into the surface dryer and dried by the heat energy provided by the heat conduction oil furnace.


    Sound-Absorbing Mineral Wool Board Finishing:

    (A) Embossing

    The board from the primary surface dryer is sent to the rolling mill to make the desired pattern.

    (B) Cube grooving

    The board after finished embossing, in the cube of the equipment one-way or longitudinal, horizontal milling groove, so that the pattern becomeing into a three-dimensional strip or block shape, and then sent to the secondary spraying machine spray.

    (C) Tenoning

    The board to be installed with hidden keel shall be slotted in the center tenoning machine, and the board to be inserted shall be tenoned on the side of the tenoning machine.

    (D) Secondary spraying (surface painting) and drying

    The board after the secondary cutting and cube processing, toning , in the secondary spraying machine again facing and drying, form the finished plate, packaging and storage.

    Raw Material Requirements For sound-Absorbing Mine:


    Appearance: No slag ball and other impurities, white color

    Fiber diameter: 4~7μ

    Heat conductivity coefficient : 0.036w/min (normal temperature)

    Heat resistance: 650℃

    Transport bulk density: 150~200kg/m3

    Transport volume per unit : ~1300×1000×800mm


    Appearance: No impurities, white color

    Water: 12.5±1%


    Crude protein:<0.32%

    Fineness: 100 mesh sieve

    Emulsified wax

    Density: 33%

    PH: 7±1


    Ionic type: neutral

    Primary solid melding point: >64℃

    Aluminum sulfate

    Appearance: ondine, granulate

    Al: 2O3% 8~8.2%

    PH: 3.0 (above)

    Waste paper

    Appearance: No impurities (bricks, nails, plastic sheets, etc.)

    Moisture content:<7%


    Concentration: 15%

    Ionic type: anionic

    PH: 6.0±1

    Viscosity: 2000~7000Cp

    Formula weight: 300000-35000

    Sound-Absorbing Mineral Wool Board Finishing:

    The mineral wool board is made of high quality mineral wool as the main raw material, 100% free from asbestos. Composite fiber and mesh base coating greatly improve the ability to resist impact and deformation. The internal structure of the mineral wool board is a three-dimensional cross mesh structure with sufficient internal space and strong structure, which greatly improves its sound absorption and noise reduction capacity, and the sound absorption effect of the mineral wool board is improved by 1 ~ 2 times. The internal addition of moistureproof agent and auxiliary moistureproof agent not only increases the surface fiber resistance, effectively stabilizes the cementing agent, maintains the sheet strength, and can adjust the indoor humidity and improve the living environment. The nano-antibacterial agent permeates the board, can effectively prevent mildew, sterilize, and inhibit the regeneration of bacteria, greatly improving the application range, so that it can be applied to a sterile environment with requirements of antibacterial, sterilization. The addition of rare earth inorganic composite materials makes the mineral wool board with surface activity, capable of absorbing and decomposing formaldehyde and other toxic substances produced in the decoration process, and has the chemical properties of ion exchange, effectively improving the concentration of oxygen ions in the air. Greatly improved living space. The expanded perlite with fireproof and heat insulation function has effectively reduced the cost of cooling and heating, meeting the needs of energy saving and consumption reduction of people in the new era.

    Noise reduction: mineral wool board takes mineral wool as the main raw material for production, and mineral wool micropores are developed, which can reduce acoustic wave reflection, eliminate echo and isolate the floor transmission noise.

    Sound-absorbing: mineral wool board is a kind of porous material, which is composed of countless tiny holes of fiber, which can reduce the reflection of sound wave, eliminate echo and isolate the noise transmitted by the floor. Sound waves hit the surface of the material, partially reflecting back, partially absorbed by the plate, and partially passing through the plate into the back cavity, greatly reducing the reflected sound, effectively controlling and adjusting the reverberation time in the room, and reducing the noise. When used for interior decoration, the average sound absorption rate can reach 0.5 or more, suitable for offices, schools, shopping malls and other places.

    Fire prevention: fire prevention is the primary problem in the design of modern public buildings and high-rise buildings. Mineral wool board is made of non-combustible mineral wool as the main raw material, which will not be burned in case of fire, so as to effectively prevent the spread of fire. It is the most ideal fire-proof ceiling material.

    Decoration: mineral wool sound-absorbing board surface pattern is rich, the board has a strong decorative effect. The surface of knurled mineral wool board, commonly known as "caterpillar", is covered with holes of different depth, shape and aperture. Another kind of "sky star", the surface aperture is different depth. After milling, the solid shape mineral wool board is made into size square, different width and narrow stripe. There is a relief type mineral wool board, after the molding, surface pattern exquisite, central flower, cross flower, walnut grain and other pattern, is a good decoration for ceiling.

    Capacity and specifications: Annual output: 6 million sqm .

    According to the above indicators, rely on the annual production of 300 days, equipment operation rate calculated at 90%, finished products calculated at 95%, the annual output of 6 million sqm.

    Product specifications: the length, width and thickness can be adjusted. The maximum processing width of the forming line is 1300mm, the drying thickness of the dryer is 10-25mm, the maximum length of transverse cutting is 2460mm, the size of the finished board is 595-605mm, and the thickness is 10-25mm.

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