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Calcium Silicate Plate

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Calcium silicate board as a new type of green environmental protection building materials, besides has the function of the traditional plasterboard, has more superior fire resistance and resistant to moisture, the advantages of long service life, a lot of application in the engineering construction industry ceiling board and partition wall, home decoration, furniture of lining board, billboard, warehouse shed board, network floor and tunnel engineering indoor wall plate.

    Calcium silicate plate is made of inorganic mineral fiber or cellulose fiber and other loose staple fiber as reinforcement material, with siliceous - calcareous material as the main cementing material, through pulsing, forming, in high temperature and high pressure saturated steam accelerated curing reaction, forming calcium silicate cementitious material and made of the board. Is a good performance of the new building and industrial board, it is fire proof, moisture-proof, sound insulation, anti-moth, better durability, ceiling, partition of the ideal.

    Product Properties Of Calcium Silicate PlateFireproof performance: Calcium silicate board is a non-combustible A1 material, in case of fire, the board will not burn, will not produce toxic smoke.

    Waterproof properties: Calcium silicate board has good waterproof performance, in the washroom, bathroom and other places of high humidity, still can maintain the stability of the performance, will not expand or deformation.

    High strength: The strength of calcium silicate board is high. The strength of 6mm thick board is much higher than that of 9.5mm thick common paper gypsum board. Calcium silicate wall board solid and reliable, not easily damaged and broken.

    Dimension stability: Calcium silicate board adopts advanced recipe, production under strict quality control, the wet rise and dry shrinkage of the board is controlled in the optimal range.

    Heat insulation and sound insulation: Calcium silicate board has good thermal insulation performance, 10mm thick partition wall thermal insulation performance is obviously better than the effect of ordinary brick wall, at the same time has a good sound insulation effect.

    Long service life: The performance of calcium silicate board is stable, acid and alkali resistant, not easy to corrosion, will not be damaged by moisture or insects and ants, can ensure a long service life.

    Production methods:

    There are mold pressing method, copying method and slurry method. The common method is generally the extrusion method. After the raw materials are fully stirred and cooked according to the design proportion, they are extruded and shaped by roller machine and set at high temperature. The length are 2440mm, the width 1220mm and the commonly used thickness is 4-30mm.

    Main physical properties and standards of fiber-reinforced calcium silicate plates:

    Fireproof featureNon-combustible grade A material
    Raw materialLime, cement, quartz sand, reinforced fiber, etc
    The fire resistance limit3.53 hours
    Moisture content13MPa (GB/T7019-1997)  >16MPa
    Dry shrinkage<0.09% (GB/T7019-1997)
    Wet inflation<0.19% (GB/T7019-1997)
    RadioactivityMeet the standard (GB6566-2001)

    Detailed information about calcium silicate board machine:

    FuelNatural gas, coal, heavy oil or diesel
    Main materialCement, fiber, Silica sand, lime
    Standard product sizeLength: 2400-2440mm; Width: 1200-1220mm; Thickness: 4-30mm;


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