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According to market conditions and national policies, our company invested a lot of money, introduced excellent technology, and developed a new product: extruded polystyrene foam board equipment. Factory batch production and stable product quality.

    According to market conditions and national policies, our company invested a lot of money, introduced excellent technology, and developed a new product: extruded polystyrene foam board equipment. Factory batch production and stable product quality. The construction is simple, the operation is completed at one time, the cycle is short, and the efficiency is high. Various color patterns can be made according to design requirements, or multiple foaming agents can be shared, one machine is multi-purpose, the whole process is automatically controlled by a central computer, and the production process is intelligent.


    Extruded polystyrene foam board, referred to as extruded board, also known as XPS board. The extruded board is made of polystyrene resin supplemented by polymer. While heating and mixing, the catalyst (such as freon, butane and carbon dioxide CO2, etc.) is injected, and then the continuous closed-cell foamed rigid foam board is extruded. , The hard film formed on the surface is uniform and flat, and the inside is an independent closed bubble structure. It is a kind of high pressure resistance, non-absorbent, moisture-proof, air-tight and wear-resistant, light weight, corrosion resistance, super anti-aging (almost for long-term use) Environmentally friendly thermal insulation material with excellent properties such as no aging), no degradation, and low thermal conductivity.

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    Main Features:

    Compared with EPS polystyrene foam plastic board, its strength, heat preservation, resistance to water vapor penetration and other properties have been greatly improved. It can still maintain its thermal insulation performance and compressive strength completely under water immersion conditions, and is especially suitable for heat insulation, heat preservation and moisture-proof treatment of buildings. It is one of the construction materials with high quality and low price in today's construction industry.

    (1) Unparalleled heat insulation performance

    The thermal conductivity of polystyrene foam board is less than or equal to 0.028w/mk, which is much lower than other thermal insulation materials (in engineering, materials with thermal conductivity less than 0.25w/mk are usually used as thermal insulation (heat insulation) materials, so it has high thermal resistance and low The characteristic of linear expansion rate. Thermal insulation, the effect is unparalleled.

    (2) Water absorption without any wetness

    As a perfect thermal insulation material, water absorption is an extremely important technical indicator. High water absorption will lead to poor thermal insulation performance. The extruded board has a complete closed-cell structure, and there are no gaps on both sides of the board. Water leakage, condensation and freezing/thawing cycles can cause moisture impermeability, so it can effectively prevent the entry of water molecules (water absorption ≤1.0%), so the board cannot be aged, and the insulation layer will lose its insulation over time Effect, and further cause the insulation structure layer to need to be renovated. The closed cell structure of the XPS board can effectively prevent the penetration of water molecules (including water vapor). Even if it is mechanically damaged during construction, the XPS board can effectively maintain the low water absorption function due to the tight honeycomb structure. Because it effectively prevents the penetration of water molecules and has no hydrophilicity, it is almost impossible to cause aging, and it has almost the same life span as the building.

    (3) Excellent and long-lasting heat preservation performance

    Low thermal conductivity is a requirement for all insulation materials. XPS board is made of polystyrene (PS). It is well known that polystyrene itself is an excellent insulation material, and it is produced by extrusion. , The compact closed-cell honeycomb condenser is more effective in preventing heat conduction.

    (4) Unexpected compressive performance

    XPS extruded board is a kind of light and high-strength board, the compressive strength can be as high as 350KPa or more when the density is not more than 40kg per cubic meter. It can be used in buildings to obtain good impact resistance.

    The excellent compressive performance of XPS extruded board is almost unchanged even if it is immersed in water. This feature is not found in other insulation materials.

    (5) Good flame retardant

    Provide ordinary and flame-retardant products according to user requirements, which can fully meet the flame-retardant performance requirements of thermal insulation products in factories, stadiums, and exhibition centers.

    (6) High-quality environmentally friendly products

    XPS extruded board has stable chemical properties, no harmful substances volatilized, and no decomposition or mildew. It has good corrosion resistance.

    In the production process of XPS extruded board, environmentally friendly raw materials are used, no harmful gas is generated, and the environmental protection concept is also reflected in the production process. The solid waste generated can be recycled and processed, and it is a recyclable environmentally friendly product.

    (7) Convenient construction and low cost

    Because of its light weight, it is easy to carry and cut, without electric saw, and simple to fix. It can be fixed with only iron sheet and iron wire plastic adhesive polymer mortar, so the cost of construction can be greatly reduced.

    The Main Purpose:

    (1) It is widely used for heat preservation, heat insulation, waterproofing and sound insulation of external walls, internal walls, flat concrete roofs and steel structure roofs.

    (2) It is used for moisture-proof and heat preservation in low-temperature storage ground, parking platform, airport runway, viaduct, cross-sea bridge, expressway, high-speed railway, etc., to control ground frost heave and settlement, and extend its service life.

    (3) It is widely used in the insulation layer of heating pipelines, factory pipelines, geothermal engineering, cold storage, refrigerated trucks and refrigerators.

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    The status quo and development prospects of XPS extruded board in the field of building energy

    The energy policy of the Chinese government is to "emphasize both development and conservation", putting conservation in the first place. Energy conservation is still a strategic point of China's energy industry. In the current environment, in the field of construction alone, new houses will adopt energy-saving measures in planning, design, and the application of related materials and equipment to improve the quality of houses, and promote the use of new materials, new technologies, new processes, Upgrading of the building materials industry. Therefore, there must be a higher level of thermal insulation materials and thermal insulation technology. XPS faces a huge market.

    For developed countries, the market for insulating materials is also very huge. The insulation material market in my country started late, especially the organic insulation material market is lagging behind. For a long time, a large number of containers have been used on packaging. However, in recent years, with the rapid economic development and the large-scale entry of foreign technology, the use of organic materials in construction has achieved great development, and it is limited to polystyrene and polyurethane used in the construction of the color steel movement board of the factory. The annual consumption of the product is more than 5 million cubic meters, of which a large number of secondary foamed EPS is used, which is more advantageous than these extruded boards. As the economy develops, this market is bound to expand, and a large part of the market will be replaced by XPS.

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